Tuesday, March 27

WipeOut-vervolg voor PSP!

Check your Pulse: Wipeout sequel named:

Mmm... mijn nog immer favoriete PSP game schijnt een vervolg te krijgen. Hoe eerder, hoe beter!

"The Wipeout franchise is known for its notorious sense of speed, and incredible high-stakes weapons-based racing. At a European convention over the weekend, the title of the upcoming PSP sequel was supposedly revealed: Wipeout Pulse. What kind of mind-shattering courses will Studio Liverpool create for Pulse? What kind of daredevil antics will we perform as the speed (and our blood pressure) rises?

More details will be forthcoming in an official press release. Wipeout Pure is still one of PSP's best titles, and the prospect of a sequel has us already shivering with anticipation".

[via IGN]
[Via PSPHome.com]

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